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Lings Disabilities Gymnastics Club

Our disabilites club was founded 26yrs ago by Brenda Hughes, our club Manager, after her third daughter was born with Downs Syndrome.  We offer children from 5yrs of age the opportunity to learn basic gymnastic and co-ordination skills in a class tailored to thier needs, led by coaches specially trained to teach children with disabilities. The disabilities club has competed in many National British Gymnastics and Special Olympics Compettions with outstanding results.  We are registered with British Gymnastics and Special Olympics Great Britain. We compete in Male and Female Artistic competitions with British Gymnastics and Special Olympics. We also compete in Female Rhythmic Gymnastics Competitions. 

Why Gymnastics?


Gymnastics - Gives all round muscular exercise.

Gymnastics - Improves listening skills and concentration

Gymnastics - Gives the opportunity to work with people with the                                same interests and gain self confidence.

Gymnastics - is FUN!! 




Age Groups:  5yrs Plus


Training Times:  


SEN Parent Led: 9.30-10.15am

Fees:£5 per session paid termly

Competition Squad:  10.30-11.30am

Fees: £6 per session paid termly

Rhythmic Squad: 11.30-12.15pm

Fees: £3 per session paid termly


For all enquiries please contact Cora 


Nationals - Poole 2019

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