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*  Tuesday:  9.30 - 10.15am - Parent led

                      10.30-11.15am - Parent led

*  Wednesday:  9.30 - 10.15am - Parent led

* Thursday: 10.30-11.15am - Parent led

*  Friday:  9.30-10.15am - 3+ Independent class

                  10.30 - 11.15am - Parent Led


Class Structure:

Parent led pre-school class: - 45 mins

These 45 minute parent led sessions ar for those that enjoy a mixture of free play and little structure.

Upon entering the hall you have 15 minutes to explore the gym, the equipment and all we have to offer with your little one.  After free play you will then be asked to come and sit with your child/ren for circle time, this lasts for no more than 5 minutes.  Each week we have a different theme in the gym from the jungle to super hero's to creepy crawlies.  Within our circle time we aim to support as much early years fundamentals as possible.  We start with our much loved 'hello song', followed by an action song and a theme based warmup.  After warmup, children can achieve a themed sticker by performing our weekly sticker challenge. 

Once circle time is complete, you will have sometime to either free play or work on your Swing-a-Lings pre-school badges and earn stamps.  


Each class ends with a short activity to develop co-ordination and fine motor skills involving small handheld apparatus such as feathers, tappy sticks, ribbons and the parachute.  After a few more action songs its home time for a well earned rest!  The structure remains the same weekly but the activities and equipment may vary.

3+ Independent Classes: - 45 mins

These 45 minute structured classes are an introduction to recreational gymnastics.  Children attend alone.  Each session incorporates a little free play, group games, a warm up, progression of basic gymnastic skills in small groups with qualified coaches.  Children will continue to work towards our Lings Preschool badge scheme and be rewarded with stamps and stickers throughout our sessions.  

Classes are £6 per session paid termly 

(Please pay cash on the door for your first session)


To book a space please email Cora at



Come and enjoy our preschool gymnastics classes with your little ones in a fun and safe environment.  Watch them develop their mental, social and physical skills whilst spending some quality time with your child within our purpose built gymnasium. From tunnels to bridges, balance beams to climbing equipment, balls, hoops, slides & rockers and much much more, a perfect setting for a lot of monkeying around!   All our classes are supervised by qualified British gymnastics coaches with an abundance of experience and enthusiasm. 



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